Driver and Pedestrian Stats for Seniors

Senior drivers in Canada

What are the senior driving statistics in Canada?

  • There are over 2.9 million licensed drivers in Canada over the age of 65.  
  • Seniors currently represent over 13% of our total population.
  • However, seniors represent over 16 % of road fatalities.
  • By 2026, it is projected that seniors will represent over 22% of the total population.

Seniors are overrepresented in traffic crash statistics. Per kilometre driven, seniors are more likely than other drivers (except for very young drivers) to be involved in a crash. And research tells us that the average distance seniors drive each year is increasing dramatically. As a percentage of total drivers in Canada, seniors:

  • Are overrepresented in fatal crashes.
  • Are more likely than younger adults to be seriously injured in a crash.
  • Often take longer to recover from their injuries following a crash.

Awareness and a desire and ability to adapt our driving is of great importance when we consider these senior driving statistics.

Download our Quick Facts and Statistics fact sheet. (PDF)

Seniors are also overrepresented in pedestrian fatalities

  • Seniors currently represent over 13% of our total population in Canada.
  • However, seniors represent around one third of the total pedestrian fatalities.
  • In British Columbia, seniors represent approximately 40% of total pedestrian fatalities.

Unfortunately, each year more senior pedestrians are involved in serious crashes. Their injuries are often more serious and they take longer to recover than would be the case with younger pedestrians.

Pedestrian safety is important

The good news is that most pedestrian crashes are preventable. And, the benefits of the exercise gained through walking usually outweigh the risks (unless you have a medical condition that may put you at risk). There’s lots you can do as a pedestrian to increase your safety.

Download our Pedestrian Safety for Seniors fact sheet. (PDF)