Dementia and Driving

Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, causes changes that will, eventually, affect a person’s ability to drive safely.  Driving requires concentration, judgement, and the ability to reason and make decisions.  All of these become impaired in people with Dementia.

Dementia is a journey of losses.   As one of the first major losses, driving is perhaps one of the most difficult to cope with.  Managing this loss well can set the foundation for dealing with the other losses resulting from this disease.

If you have dementia, or support someone living with dementia, the following pages will provide information to help you manage this important safety issue.   

Prepare to stop driving – Find some tips to help you prepare for the day you have to give up your keys.

Know when to stop driving – Learn some of the warning signs that suggest you could be at risk for unsafe driving and a tool to help identify those signs.

Stop driving – Find out what to do when it’s time to stop driving.

Are you a caregiver and feeling guilty about taking away driving privileges? 

Are a health care professional working with patients with dementia? Learn information to help you in your practice.

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