Teen Driver Safety Tools

Tools to assess your teenager’s readiness to move on

Two teen driver safety tools will help you focus your discussions about driving and assess your teenager’s readiness to move on to the next stage. They can also be used to help you brush up on your own driving.

You be the Judge

Use when your teenager is in the pre-driving stage. It will help promote discussion and help you assess whether or not your teenager is ready to obtain a Learner’s licence. You be the Judge puts the focus on other people’s driving and is intended to be used even before your teenager starts driving. It is organized around the rules of the road and the skills identified as essential for safe driving.

Tips for using You Be the Judge.

Download and print You Be the Judge [PDF].

Test Each Other

Use after your teenager has started to drive and has gained some experience. It helps your teenage driver prepare for the road tests while helping you brush up on your own driving skills. Test Each Other provides a way for you to assess your teenage driver’s readiness to progress to the next stage of licensing. Make copies so that you can use it over and over as your teenager learns to drive and progresses through the stages.

Tips for using Test Each Other.

Download and print Test Each Other [PDF]

Using You Be the Judge

1. Download and print the PDF. 
2. Scan the pages with your teen before you go out in the car so that both of you know what kinds of things to look for.
3. Use You Be the Judge in the car or at the side of the road (make sure you are standing in a safe place).
4. Concentrate on one or two sections at a time.
5. If you are using it in the car, let your teen mark the charts while you drive.
6. Set up a friendly competition. Give your teen and a friend or sibling each a copy. At the end of each session, compare scores.
7. Use You Be the Judge over and over. Your teen’s scores will improve the more they use this tool.

Using Test Each Other

1. Download and print the PDF.
2. Review the Suggestions for use and scan the pages with your teen before you go out in the car.
3. Take turns testing each other. It works best if you observe your teen’s driving and they have opportunities to observe your driving.
4. When you drive, tell your teen what you are doing and why you are doing it.
5. Use Test Each Other over and over.