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Teenage Drivers in BC - Getting Licenced

ICBC is the driver licensing authority in British Columbia and produces a number of helpful print and online resources for teenage drivers and their families.

  • Driver licensing – Helpful resource for any driver going through the licensing process in BC. Includes important information for parents or supervisors of young drivers.
  • Driver licensing manuals – BC’s official licensing guidebooks RoadSense for Drivers and Tuning Up for Drivers are both available online. They are also available from any ICBC Driver Licensing Office.
  • Driver training – Find out more about driver training: where to get it, what to look for and the advantages and disadvantages of taking driver training.
  • Graduated licensing – Get the research on graduated licensing and learn about the rules that apply to new drivers.
  • Motorcycle rider licensing – Learn about the special rules for those wishing to obtain a motorcycle rider’s licence. Download BC’s official motorcycle rider licensing guidebooks, RoadSense for Riders and Tuning Up for Riders. Both are also available at any ICBC Driver Licensing Office.
  • Online Practice Knowledge Test – Suggest that your teenage driver take the online Practice Knowledge Test before taking the official one. Issue a friendly challenge and see who gets the most correct answers.
  • Safety tips from driver examiners – View video footage and interactive illustrations. Hear safety tips from driver examiners about common driving situations.

Resources for Young Drivers and Their Families

  • BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation’s Teenage Driving Safety Tools – Two learning tools are available for download. You Be the Judge is a tool for new drivers and even those not yet driving for observing the good and bad driving habits of other drivers. Test Each Other helps young drivers prepare for the road tests and helps parents/driving supervisors brush up on their own skills.
  • BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation’s Driving Contracts – Two comprehensive sample contracts, one for each of the learning-to-drive stages can be downloaded. They cover everything from BC’s graduated licensing requirements to your family’s rules and the consequences for breaking them. The contracts can be used as discussion-starters or as real contracts between family members.
  • AAA Exchange for parents and for teens. This is a new manual How to Drive - The Beginning Driver's Manual
  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Resources Teen Driver Safety. At this site driving videos and CDs are available for purchase. In particular, check out driver-ZED for teens

Resources for Teachers in BC

  • Teaching Resources – This page links teachers to resources and materials to help them integrate road safety issues into the classroom.

Facts and Stats About Young Drivers

  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety – Findings of a major new study. A significant finding is that teenagers need their parents to be more involved in their learing-to-drive process. This link will take you to their Press Release Page. Scroll down to “Reducing the Crash Risk for Young Drivers.” Click on the links to see the slide show, report and/or fact sheet. 
  • BC’s Traffic Collision Statistics – This annual publication can be downloaded. While the most recent report is usually a couple of years old, this publication does provide a comprehensive look at traffic crashes in BC.
  • Canada’s Traffic Collision Statistics – Provides charts and graphs showing collisions, injuries and deaths across Canada.
  • ICBC – This link will take you to the Graduated Licensing page. From there, you can link to several websites of interest.
  • Traffic Injury Research Foundation – Check the FAQs and Publications pages for links to facts and stats regarding young drivers.