Alexa Middelaer - Her Story and Fund

Alexa's Story

4 ½ year-old Alexa Renée Middelaer was a child full of zeal with a tenacious spirit. With her blonde curls flowing, she plowed through life with purpose, determination and vigor. On a warm sunny day in May 2008, Alexa and her aunt were visiting “Horsey Love”, a very special equine friend that Alexa loved dearly and enjoyed feeding carrots and treats to.

It was on that day that little Alexa was run down by a vehicle driven by an individual suspected of being impaired at the time.

Her grandparents sustained emotional shock and physical injury, and her aunt suffered life threatening injuries. 

Alexa lost her life as a result of that crash. Since then a Delta woman has been convicted and sentenced for impaired driving related to the death of Alexa Middelaer.

Alexa Middelaer Memorial Fund                   

As devastating as her loss has been, Alexa’s parents, Laurel and Michael Middelaer, are dedicated to keeping her memory alive by doing all they can to spare other families from experiencing similar anguish.

That’s why, in conjunction with the TSF, they established the Alexa Middelaer Memorial Fund. Its mandate is to reduce impaired-driving related injuries and deaths by 35 percent between 2008 and 2013 via public education, advocacy and by recognizing the efforts of those individuals who make an extra ordinary contribution to fight against impaired driving. 

Alexa's Team                                                     

To help bring awareness to the seriousness of impaired driving and to recognize those officers working to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the roads of our communities, the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation and the Middelaer family honour police officers from all regions of the province as members of Alexa’s Team.

To become a member of Alexa’s team police officers must forward to Crown a minimum of 10 full impaired driving charges in addition to issuing 24-Hour Prohibitions and Administrative Driving Prohibitions under Section 215 of the Motor Vehicle Act in the previous year.

In 2009, the number police officers who became members of Alexa’s team grew to 174 from 26 the year before. The officers were recognized at four events in April and May 2010 – in Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna and Prince George. 

Alexa's Bus

The Middelaers are now focused on the next phase of Alexa’s legacy: raising funds to buy at least one mobile alcohol testing unit for use by police forces across BC to help in the fight against impaired driving.

These units are customized buses or recreational vehicles with specially designed interiors that contain all the space and equipment required to collect evidence and process impaired drivers on site.

Similar vehicles are currently deployed in Washington State, Alberta and Ontario and give police the ability to pull over and process suspected impaired drivers quickly and efficiently.

This bus will be painted purple, Alexa’s favourite colour, and known as Alexa’s Bus.