BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation Staff

Allan Lamb, Executive Director

I am honoured to be leading this team of talented and dedicated road safety professionals. Together, we are creating a new direction for the Traffic Safety Foundation and putting into practice what we have collectively learned in our road safety careers that total over 75 years of experience. I love my work and appreciate having the opportunity to create a dynamic Foundation on behalf of BCAA. 

David Dunne, Director Road Safety

I’ve been involved in health promotion now for about 15 years. I feel fortunate to be working with the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation. This is some of the most rewarding, challenging and creative work I could imagine doing. It’s hard to think of anything more tragic than the sudden and unnecessary loss of life, but never more so than when it’s a child or loved one killed in a car crash that could have been prevented. I’m here because I want to help make our roads and communities safer for everyone. 

Linda Lawlor, Coordinator, School Safety Patrol Program

I am very excited to be a member of this dynamic team at the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation. As a mother of one child, I am truly passionate about my role in working with and for children in our communities. My goal is to increase the public’s awareness of the traffic safety programs available to students in our schools

Lydia Moore, Business Manager

I’m thrilled to be working for the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation. Having two children, I’m excited about working on traffic safety initiatives that will directly benefit those of us with families. The experience I gained while working for 15 years at BCAA in product management is helpful as I work with the Traffic Safety team to build road safety programs that can make a difference.