Join BC's Drive to Save Lives

50,000 BC residents are injured in traffic crashes each year.  Over 400 of our family members and friends die as a result.  These incidents are the #1 killer of our children and youth. And the related personal, societal and economic costs are enormous. 

The real tragedy is that the vast majority of these destructive crashes are not accidents - they are preventable.  Our work at the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation is proving it!

Join the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation’s Drive to Save Lives

The Drive to Save Lives is just beginning. We want make sure it really will make a difference and we’re asking you to send us your ideas and suggestions. Help us by answering some of these questions:

  • What does it mean to be a safe, responsible driver?
  • What can you do to save lives by changing attitudes and behaviours on BC roads?
  • How can you help other family members “get it” become part of the Drive to Save Lives?
  • What projects or events can groups in your community undertake to make your roads and daily driving safer?
  • How we the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation help?

You can make a difference in BC’s Drive to Save Lives right now by demonstrating responsible driving attitudes and behaviours.

Please send us your ideas and suggestions.