School Safety

Health, safety and the environment

If you’re a parent of a school-aged child, likely these words identify some pretty important issues.  Each year, your son or daughter, travels to and from school almost 200 times!  No doubt you’re very concerned about his or her safety.  But what do health and the environment have to do with school safety?

What’s the problem?

Did you know that, almost half of our children make their trip to urban and suburban schools in a car?  That percentage is increasing every year and most of those trips are less than a kilometre.  No doubt many parents drive their sons and daughters to school to ensure they arrive safely.  However, increased driving can create serious safety, environmental and health problems for the very same children that parents are trying to protect.

  • Dangerous traffic congestion occurs around schools when parents are dropping off and picking up their children.
  • Unhealthy automobile emissions reduce air quality around schools.  These emissions are harmful to human health and the environment.
  • Automobile-dependent children, who are less fit, are often not as healthy and have a greater prevalence of obesity.   

Are there any safe alternatives?

You bet there are – that’s what this site is all about – safe alternatives.  Learn more about the problem, solutions, what you can do, and what the law has to say.   You can also find out about the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation’s School Safety Patrol Program.

And, if you want more information, or if you’re a teacher looking for resources to use in the classroom, check out the links and resources.