Mature Drivers

Are mature drivers at risk?

Many mature drivers remain competent behind the wheel. Age alone is not a good predictor of driving safety. But changes occur as we age, and for some, those changes can affect their ability to function safely as a driver, putting them, and other road users at risk.

These web pages recognize the differing needs of seniors who drive, those mature drivers who are at risk and those who no longer drive. The focus is on the importance of continued mobility balanced with the safety of the individual and other road users.

Effects of Aging – Find out how aging affects the speed at which we see, think and do. These abilities are critical to safe driving.

Driver and Pedestrian Stats for Seniors – Our population is aging. How does this affect traffic injuries and fatalities?

In the Driver’s Seat – Learn about the risks, use tools to review your driving habits and help you make decisions about your driving safety. Find useful safe driving tips and strategies to help you improve your driving. Learn the critical warning signs to watch out for.

On the Move Without a Car – The focus is on continued mobility. Alternatives to driving are identified and links and resources are provided.

Drivers at Risk – Tools and resources are provided to help identify drivers who are at risk. Warning signs; the roles and responsibilities of individuals, family members and health care professionals; and the critical factors and progression of stopping driving are discussed. 

Dementia and Driving – Dementia ultimately has a profound impact on an individual’s ability to drive safely. Information, support and resources are provided for families and resources are provided for health care professionals. 

The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation would like to recognize the support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.