About Us

The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation works with families, communities and business
partners to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes and injuries in BC.

Just think about it for a minute. Over 50,000 are injured on BC’s roads each year and over 400 are killed. The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation is committed to preventing these tragedies that can change a family or a community forever. We are proud of our role as the leader of BC’s Drive to Save Lives.

Our many partners, supporters and volunteers understand the tragedy that results from traffic crashes. Like us, they believe that the vast majority of crashes are not accidents. They are preventable. We are grateful for their help and support of our charitable organization.

The Traffic Safety Foundation is part of the BCAA  family. Our team of dedicated staff and child passenger safety technicians has over 90 years of experience in the field of traffic safety.

As a one-stop traffic safety resource we can provide practical tools to help you, your family and community be safer on our roads.

Join us in the Drive to Save Lives. Make traffic safety a family priority. Invest in traffic safety in your community. Make a donation. Become a partner or volunteer. Call us to find out how you can make a difference.

Allan Lamb
Executive Director