Child Car Seats

New regulations

All drivers must ensure all children are secured in an age-and weight-appropriate child car seat until their 9th birthday unless they have reached the height of 145 cm (4’9”) tall.

Child car seats save lives

Ensure your loved one is as safe as possible in your vehicle. A correctly installed and used child car seat can reduce the risk of injury and death.
Download and print our Infant and Child Car Seats fact sheet.[PDF]

The four stages for your child’s protection

Just as children grow and change, their needs relating to protection in the vehicle also change. There are four different stages of protection:

Protect your child in the vehicle

Follow these four simple rules to help you ensure your child’s safety:
  • Make sure your infant or child is restrained on every trip – even short ones.
  • Put your child in the back seat – in most cases, that’s the safest position in the vehicle.
  • Use the appropriate child car seat for your young one’s age, weight and size. For more information, scroll down and go to the stage that’s right for your child.
  • Buy your child car seat or booster seat in Canada. Seats bought in other countries are not legal for use in Canada.
  • Ensure that you install and use the child car seat correctly.
While a child’s age is not the only factor to consider, it is a quick reference. For more information, go to the appropriate stage for your child.

The Child Passenger Safety Program

BCAA’s Traffic Safety Foundation, together with program partner ICBC, has developed a comprehensive Child Passenger Safety Program to help you ensure your child’s safety on the road. It includes:
  • Toll-free Child Car Seat information line: 1-877-247-5551. Speak with a certified child passenger safety educator (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Child Car Seat Checks 
  • Information sessions for professional and community groups
We are here for your child’s safety!